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Greetings Everyone and welcome to the BJ Mayo blog.

My second book “ Sparrows of Montenegro” is a western fiction set in 1870 in Mexico and Texas. If will officially publish on February 8, 2022. It is published by Skyhorse Publishing out of NYC and marketed domestically and internationally by Simon & Schuster.

There will be a book signing at the Heritage Museum in Big Spring, Texas February 19,th at 2:00 p.m.

This book will be featured in the Western Writers of America “Roundup Magazine” in the February addition.

Television ads will run on KSAN (San Angelo, Texas) three times, 5 days per week for the next three months.

Newspaper ads are being run in the Big Spring Herald

Radio ads are running now on KBST Country 95.7, 94.3 The Fuse, The Mighty 1490 FM in Big Spring, Texas. Tune in.

My first book “ Alfie Carter” was officially published on January 19,2021. Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing out of New York City. It is marketed by Simon and Schuster, also out of NYC.

Both books can be ordered on my website:

Books ordered or my website can be sent anywhere within the United States and will be autographed personally.

Both books can also be ordered in hardback or kindle on the links provided on the website: Skyhorse Publishing, Simon & Schuster, BAM, Barnes & Nobles, Target and Walmart.

Both books can be purchased as autographed-collector books from:

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this new novel. There are several others in progress.

Two Step: Western fiction set in Minnesota, Montana and Arizona. Dual story lines of four 60 plus year old women from Minnesota as their lives cross with four older cowboys from Montana at a Arizona Dude Ranch. Biases and conflict on both sides are brought to the fore.

Javier and Humberto: The chronicles of two Spanish Angels assigned to guard the lives and well being of young boys raised far away from the city during their sometimes violent and turbulent teenage years.

Archie of Weedpatch: Fiction: Set in California labor camp during the Great Depression.   

Latest News:

San Angelo Lifestyle Magazine

Featured in Fall & Winter Magazine cover and article.

Official member of Western Writers of America. Will participate in their annual conference. This year it will be held in Great Falls, Montana (June 22-25)

Livestock Weekly: I am now writing a monthly column for this publication. (Straight Through the Barn with BJ Mayo. See 1st column featured on this website under blog.

Ranch & Rural Magazine continues to publish contributing articles in their magazine.

I had the great pleasure of interviewing the legendary Tumbleweed Smith (Sounds of Texas) in October of 2021. See interview on this web site.

Also had the privilege of interviewing author Marian P. Merritt. See interview on this web site.

Famous Farm Quote for the day: “ Never assume a skunk is asleep”

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