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Greetings Everyone and welcome to the BJ Mayo blog.

My first book “ Alfie Carter” will be officially published on January 19,2021. Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing out of New York City. It is marketed by Simon and Schuster, also out of NYC.

It can be pre-ordered now on the links provided on the website: Barnes & Nobles, Walmart, BAM, Simon & Schuster and others.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this first novel. There are several others in progress.

  • Sparrows of Montenegro: Western. Fiction. Circa. 1870 timeframe set in Mexico and Texas.
  • The Ferrier: Non-Fiction with broad array of wonderful photography
  • Archie of Weedpatch: Fiction: Set in California labor camp during the Great Depression.

I will be posting a monthly update to my blog site and will feature a new photo each month from various places in the world.

Famous Farm Quote for the day: “ Never look up during a hail storm”.

Until next time BJ

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  1. Alfie Carter is AMAZING! A well written novel of faith, grit, and perseverance! I’m so glad I went on this journey with Alfie as it puts so many things into a unique perspective!

  2. Excellent book start to finish.
    I do not consider myself an avid reader but this book grabbed me and I could not let go.
    Wonderful storytelling, Bob. Cannot wait for your next one to come out!

  3. Fantastic Bob!! In suspense from start to finish. Great characters, best ending to any book I have read. Can’t wait until your next book is out.

  4. Read the entire book in one day, which is astonishing for me as I do not consider myself an avid reader. This book grabs you and won’t let go! I found myself falling in love with the characters and just could not stop reading! Great literary work and I look forward to future books! Who knows? I may become an avid reader in my old age!

  5. Congratulations! Who knew you had all these books in you waiting to come out. I just started and am already hooked in the first few pages. Proud and happy for you.

  6. Congratulations BJ. I just started and I’m on chapter 6. Great so far!

    You and Alfie are both track stars.

  7. I look forward to reading your first book and also the ones that follow. I’m especially interested in the book Two Step that is mentioned.