Post: Sparrows of Montenegro

Tree “ Bigfoot” Smith and Cedar Jones first meet on the day that they  join the US Calvary’s Fourth Calvary Regiment based out of the Historic Fort Concho in what is now San Angelo, Texas in 1870. 

Their journey takes them into the heart of the dangerous Llano Estacado region known as the Comancheria. The area is ruthlessly defended by a band of Quahadi Comanche Indians and their stoic leader, Lonely Horse. The Troop encounters a large group of Comanches and the gun-running Comancheros at Mushaway Mountain, close to Gail, Texas. A quick battle ensues that leaves eight men dead and exposes a death wish by one of the Troop members. 

Post Calvary finds Tree Smith and Cedar Jones as cowhand and cook on the large Rolling J cattle ranch in South, Texas bordering the Rio Grande River. The ranch employs two Vaqueros from the village of Montenegro in Mexico, just across the river.

The quiet life on the Rolling J Ranch is brought to an abrupt halt when a local Sheriff warns that there is a cold blooded, sadistic killer  “Gato Montes” and his band preying on the ranches along the Rio Grande. After the Sheriff is nearly killed by the band, Tree is deputized to track them down, only this time he is traveling alone and the dangers are greatly multiplied. His epic journey takes him back into the Llano Estacado where he is captured by Lonely Horse and taken to Mushaway Mountain where the Comanche carry out their own form of frontier justice. 

Tree’s return journey takes him to the Mexican Village of Montenegro. 

Consequently, his life is forever changed after meeting Julia and spending a short time together on the banks of the Rio Grande. He becomes involved in and bears witness to the wonderful celebration of Dia de los Muertos. 

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